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  • We filter through thousands of sources to bring you the best content

  • All your favourite journals in one place

  • Discover peer-led content from blogs and social media plus news and option from mainstream health and medical websites


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  • Curate and share collections of articles on different topics for fast reference

  • Create virtual journal clubs allowing you to share and discuss interesting articles in your private group

  • Share your own views with simple content posting within the app

  • Easy to share content on social media, via email or with other apps you use such as Evernote or Dropbox

  • Bookmark key content to read later or offline

  • Follow other people of interest to see their collections, lists and posts

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  • Medit learns your interests - through what you like or dislike - to continuously improve the content recommended to you

  • Get personalised reading recommendations from over 2000 sources

  • Follow creators and curators to discover quick reference guides, smart ideas and unique perspectives

  • Get alerts on your favourite topics, writers and publications direct to your app or inbox

  • Tap into our unique database of blogs and social channels to add a new dimension to your medical reading

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