4 Ways Medit Can Help You Be More Productive

Today we are all suffering from ‘information overload’. Medical information is snowballing at an enormous rate – doubling every 73 days by 2020. This happens against a backdrop of healthcare systems under pressure with budget and resource shortages, increased administration workload and rising incidence of burnout amongst medical professionals. Identifying ‘life hacks’ – techniques and tools to help you do more in less time or be inspired in new ways – is increasingly important. Medit helps you do just that – we curate the medical web, helping you discover the best medical content quickly to inspire and empower you.

Here are 4 ways Medit can help you overcome information overload:

1. Discover content recommended for you and tap into insights and recommendations from peers

  • Discover a personalised content feed based on your speciality and interest – filtered from thousands of medical sources to just the ones relevant and valuable to you.
  • Get all your favourite publications and websites in one place.
  • What’s trending on the medical web – today, tomorrow and this week.

2. Organise your reading content – Collection

  • Create a Collection of recommended or important content you want to refer back to or share with your peers.
  • Follow the Collections of others in the medical community – saving you time by pointing you towards recommended reads.

3. Prioritise your most valuable sources

  • Think of the publications, websites or blogs you read regularly. Now think of all those you come across but can never find again. With Medit you can create a list of your favourite sources so you see all that content in one place with ease.
  • Researching a topic for an exam, presentation or to support a tricky case? Save the best sources and references guide to a dedicated private list which you can delete when you’re done or share it publically with the community.
  • Discover the ‘must read’ sources of other medical professionals by following their lists.

4. Share with ease & save the best for later

  • Share content from Medit on social media, Whatsapp, via email or with other apps you use such as Evernote or Dropbox quickly.
  • Never lose useful links in email or Whatsapp messages – bookmark great content to read later or refer back to at your convenience.

We are striving to help physicians be more effective and achieve their goals. Make your day that little bit easier by incorporating Medit into it.

Email me: If you have queries about Medit, we would love to hear from you. You can email me at [email protected] any time.

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