8 leading endocrinology voices to follow on Twitter

1.@parthaskar 17.5k followers
Partha Kar is a consultant to the NHS and the co-lead for diabetes. Kar is a champion for enhanced diabetes care (Type 1 and Type 2). He is advocating for the technology used in this care to be improved upon as well. He is very vocal about the language used surrounding diabetes care and how it should change. Kar often tweets about racism both within the realm of healthcare/NHS and in general. He is a great advocate for equality across the healthcare sector. He also writes frequently about it on his blog which is accessible here. Kar runs the NHS film chat (@NHSFilmChat) page on Twitter as well, where he and others involved in the NHS, come together to chat about everything film-related.

2.@mike_natter 23.1k followers
Mike Natter is an endocrinologist fellow. He has Type 1 diabetes and he strives to become an endocrinologist to help others. He is also an artist. He regularly tweets small comic strips that he has drawn which are based on his experiences as a doctor. From Natter’s passion for endocrinology and his relatable comic strips, he is a must-follow. 

3.@DanielJDrucker 7.3k followers
Daniel Drucker is not an endocrinologist but he is a clinician-scientist. Drucker studies peptide and incretin hormones, diabetes, obesity and gastrointestinal disorders. He is incredibly active on Twitter, constantly tweeting new articles covering multiple topics. He is one to follow if you are looking to keep up-to-speed.

4.@DrHendersonMD 656 followers
Brittany Henderson is an endocrinologist working to optimise thyroid health by bridging conventional and complementary medicine. She posts motivational facts weekly as well as other endocrinology-based content throughout the week.

5.@drshafikuchay 1.8k followers
Shafi Kuchay is an endocrinologist who is very active on Twitter. Kuchay often Tweets medical articles covering the full spectrum of endocrinology from diabetes to osteoporosis.

6.@DavidACohen_MD 1.7k followers
David Cohen is an endocrinologist who is part of the team who creates and runs the endocrinology virtual journal club @EndoJournalClub. He tweets about a variety of endocrinology topics and is active within the #endotwitter community.

7.@drlorashahine 2.8k followers
Dr Lora Shine is a reproductive endocrinologist who specialises in miscarriages. Shine is regularly interviewed for podcasts, articles and speaks at various events. She mostly tweets about fertility and miscarriages. Shine is also a published author, with her book ‘not broken’ being available on Amazon here.

8.@AaronNeinstein 1.5k followers
Aaron Neinstein is an endocrinologist and informaticist at the University of San Francisco. Neinstein focuses mostly on diabetes. He also tweets a lot of content regarding digital health and how it is a game-changer in the field of medicine.

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