Medical information is snowballing at an enormous rate – doubling every 73 days by 2020. Medical professionals struggle with keeping up-to-date with this huge volume of complex, rapidly-changing information and the need to find what is most important when their time is very limited.

The current medical education infrastructure is outdated – relying on face-to-face meetings and lectures. It doesn’t support collaborative through digital channels. This makes ongoing learning a time-consuming, frustrating and inefficient process for healthcare professionals.

At Medit, we believe peer-to-peer learning and collaboration can be transformative in medicine. The best way to find clinically relevant, practical information to support patient care and improve health outcomes is through peer-to-peer recommendation. The most efficient way to learn is from someone who has walked a mile in your shoes and come out the other side. A peer or subject matter expert that can provide practical advice.

We’re taking best practice in content discovery and recommendations from platforms like Netflix, Facebook and Spotify and applying it to medicine. We’re using smart algorithms and combining that with the practical experience and curated content from experts and your peers. We’re creating a new type of learning experience.

Our mission is
to make medical education more efficient

Medit helps them learn from the collective expertise of the medical community and discover quality content recommended by their peers and shaped to your needs by artificial intelligence (AI). Medit bridges the gap between traditional face-to-face medical education and clinical practice, facilitating peer-to-peer learning at scale.

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