5 of the best apps for medical school students

PEPID is the one of the best apps for medical students, and great for helping you prepare for the emergency department. PEPID gives you profiles of diseases, medical conditions, and treatment options. The app also offers hundreds of reference videos for clinical procedures and physical examinations, which can be great for when you are preparing for your residency.

2. Evernote
Evernote is one of the best apps for personal notes. Evernote syncs your notes in real time across all your devices, from your phone to your laptop. You can attach any type of file to your note, so it is great for when you are on the go with your phone, or in a lecture with your laptop. You can write and add files while offline which can be especially good if you are based in a hospital.

3. Medit
Medit helps healthcare professionals discover the best medical content quickly. We curate the medical web – medical news, journals, blogs, podcasts and video – and personalise it to your special interests. Medit’s Lists feature helps you organise your best sources for when you’re preparing a presentation or studying for an exam. You can save your ‘must reads’ into a Medit Collection for quick referral and share these privately with others. Start a study group or a virtual journal club and share and discuss important content, key topics or last week’s lectures. With Medit, everything is in one place.

4. Figure 1
If you are really passionate about medicine, Figure 1 is a great place to check out some really interesting medical cases – whether they are of rare conditions or ‘text book cases’. You can view and share medical images with others. Thousands of physicians comment on these cases throughout a year so you will see many unique perspectives. 

5. Headspace
Going through medical school can be extremely overwhelming and trying to manage your stress and anxiety can be tough. Headspace has hundreds of themed meditation sessions on everything from stress and sleep to anxiety. Whether it’s 5 minutes a day, or 5 minutes a week, learning to take the time to breathe and relax can make a huge difference in helping you reach your goals faster.

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