Clinical knowledge sharing among your peers

Medit Groups helps you capture insights and share learnings with your multidisciplinary team or peers from any conference or event you have attended. Like-minded medical professionals can discuss mutual topics of interest and exchange their clinical knowledge.

Share what’s important

With Medit Groups, you can easily share your conference notes, pictures of posters or videos of presentations, securely and with ease. Quickly discover referenced papers or recommended content within Medit and share it easily with your peers.

How Medit can help you?

Get new perspectives
Share the latest news and research from the conference you attended. Easily talk through key event takeaways, next steps in clinical practice and your new ideas.

Sharpen your clinical skills
Quickly discuss clinically-relevant updates from the latest conference you attended.  Tap into the expertise of your peers. Save useful articles and papers shared to Collections to keep organised and for fast reference.

Focused discussions
Never lose track of an important conversation – create focused discussions around topics of interest.Theserivate chats are ‘threaded’ to keep all the discussion in relation to a particular point together, making it easier to follow and easier to find key information.

Keep others in the loop
Did one of your peers/colleagues miss the conference or meeting? Keep others up-to-date with what’s going on live from wherever you may be. Share quick conference updates and notes so nothing is forgotten.

Avoid the slow process of email & text
Often you can get someone’s email address or number at an event but never actually follow up on it, which in many cases can be a missed opportunity to help your self-development and learning. With Medit, you can easily invite people to a private group with a unique link, email or text message to stay connected and extend your professional knowledge exchange beyond the event.

Email me: If you have queries about Medit, we would love to hear from you. You can email me at [email protected] any time.

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