Five digital health leaders you must follow

With social media becoming more influential in our everyday lives, it has also become increasingly a part of the digital health space. The five leaders below are helping us keep up-to-date in this rapidly growing industry, sharing new advancements daily.

@EricTopol 176k followers. 
Dr Eric Topol is a cardiologist, geneticist, and digital medicine researcher. Eric is striving to prepare the healthcare workforce for digital change within the industry. He recently published his third book, Deep Medicine, which looks at the role that AI might play in healthcare. Topol’s knowledge and very broad interest in the digital health industry makes him one of the biggest online leaders to follow.

@evankirstel 262.5k followers. 
Evan Kirstel, who is a long-time expert and thought leader in multiple areas of technology, such as cloud, security, IoT, big data and AI. In recent times, Kirstel has been heavily focused on the healthcare industry and the rapid advancements in technology within it. If you are looking to stay up to date on all the advancements with AI in healthcare, Telemedicine, wearables, AR and VR – Evan Kirstel is a must follow.

@ahier 55.8k followers.
Brian Ahier is a digital health expert, whose passion is to see the effective use of technology assist in transforming the healthcare system to one that rewards quality of care. Ahier will keep you up-to-date on the latest developments in healthcare technology, AI and robotics.

@HealthcareLdr 24.4K followers.
Glen Gilmour is one of the top healthcare technology leaders online and is one of the front faces who is driving the hashtag #DigitalHealth. Gilmour keeps all his followers up-to-date on the latest happenings in digital health, e-pharma and social media for healthcare.

@BrennanSpiegel 10.3K followers.
Dr Brennan Spiegel is a digital health scientist and a VR doctor. Spiegel directs the Cedars-Sinai Center, which investigates how digital health technologies can strengthen the patient-doctor bond, pioneering new treatments, and serving the community. Spiegel shares some amazing healthcare technology advancements that are happening on a day-to-day basis.

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