Getting started with Medit

Team Medit has been working in healthcare for over a decade now, and we have developed this platform to tackle some of the frustrations you medical professionals face.

Does this sound like you?

  • I know I should be reading more and staying on top of new developments but I just don’t have the time
  • There’s too much content out there and it’s hard to find quality, clinically relevant stuff.
  • I regularly spend time search for articles to use as references in presentations or share with my team – it would be great to see the top content, what my peers and people like me think is worthwhile
  • I want to rediscover my passion for medicine

Medit solves these problems…and more!

Here are some helpful hints to get you started and save even more time each day.

1. Tell Medit what you're interested in to get personalised news and views: Select the topics you care about so Medit can find the best content for you. [Learn how to update your personal interests]

2. Save your favourite websites, blogs and journals to see only those with one click: Create a List of sources so you can see their content feed quickly – this might be your favourite health news sites, your ‘must read’ journals or sources you’re reviewing because of an upcoming presentation or exam. [Learn how to create a ‘List' of content sources]

3. Bookmark articles to read later: Reading on-the-go or browsing for useful resources for your team, studies or sharing with colleagues? Bookmark content to read or share later.  [Learn to bookmark]

4. Build a Collection of useful reads: Whether for your ongoing reference or sharing with your class, team or peers, creating a Collection of useful resources can save lots of time and add a lot of value. You can save things you’re reading to a private or public Collection bit-by-bit or if you know what you want, you can search for valuable resources to add them.  [Learn how to create a collection]

5. Invite your peers: Unlock upcoming features and share content even more quickly by inviting your peers to Medit. Share this link here to get them started.

Email us: If you have queries about Medit, we would love to hear from you. You can email us at [email protected] any time.

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