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Share and discuss useful resources, news and views privately with your peers. Keep personal and professional chats separate. Use Medit to easily discuss and save resources making it quick to find what you need, when you need it.

Private sharing & discussion – any time, anywhere

  • You’re in control – create a private group for select people.
  • Share content from your Medit feed quickly in a group.
  • Quickly upload and share photos, videos and other files such as presentations.
  • Never lose track of the conversation – private chats are ‘threaded’ to keep all the discussion in relation to a particular point together making it easier to follow and easier to find key information.
  • Respond to others in the group with detailed comments or quick emoji reactions.
  • Bookmark or organise content shared for later reference.
  • Invite people to your group easily with a unique link, email or text message.

Start your own Medit Group

Virtual journal club

Keep up-to-date in your field. Share and discuss the latest papers in your specialty

Hospital team

Keep WhatsApp for friends and family. Use Medit to exchange useful resources with your colleagues


Keep the conversation going. Share conference notes, pictures, findings and updates

Study group

Stay prepared together for an upcoming exam, project or presentation

Start a Medit Group and see how easy it is discover, share and discuss great medical content with your peers


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