Thousands of ‘Meditors’ have shaped this major UX update

At Medit, we’ve been on a journey over the past year – a journey to solve a big problem. Information overload. Medical information is snowballing at an enormous rate – doubling every 73 days by 2020. It’s impossible for doctors to keep up-to-date with this huge volume of complex, rapidly-changing information and the need to find what is most important, when their time is very limited. We launched our Beta product a few months ago to help healthcare professionals cut through the noise and tap into the collective expertise of the medical community. Thousands of ‘Meditors’ have been using Medit over the last five months and we’ve been eagerly listening to their feedback.

We’ve been ruthlessly focused on enhancing and optimising the experience of our users. We’ve talked with them. We’ve watched them using our product. We’ve spent time in hospitals and clinics and living rooms to understand when, where and how they address their information needs. We’ve consolidated all this feedback into our latest release which went out into the world this week.

With the latest version of Medit, medical professionals can use our new home screen cards to be inspired and empowered more quickly. They can:

  • Get the best medical content tailored to their special interests.
  • Discover new content, creators and curators – tapping into smart ideas and unique perspectives.
  • Find all their favourite sources and content organised in one place.
  • Save time & hassle by discovering what their peers value as the ‘must reads.
  • Locate what they need, when they need it through smart bookmarks, collections and lists.
  • Share useful resources or their curated collections with your peers with ease.

We’ve some more updates in the works and are keenly gathering feedback from the Meditors on this latest version. Check it out and let us know what you think.

Email me: If you have queries about Medit, we would love to hear from you. You can email me at [email protected] any time.

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