Only 1 in 4 doctors have a healthy work/life balance

Less than 1 in every 4 doctors feel they have a healthy work-life balance according to a recent poll carried out by Medit. Almost half of those polled said that they have had to make sacrifices with their family, friends and social lives in order to continue to practice medicine. Furthermore, one third of medics would not advise a loved one to pursue a career in medicine as it is ‘not worth the stress’.  

With a global shortage of 4.3 million healthcare workers (according to the WHO) and rising rates of physician burnout, depression and death by suicide, how do healthcare organisations begin to deal with these challenges and ensure that medicine remains a rewarding and inviting career for the next generation and recognises the ongoing efforts of those making regular selfless sacrifices in the name of medicine.

Fighting burnout

Read through a Collection of articles to help you combat burnout and achieve a better work/life balance. Click here to read more.

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